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BTS Marin
With the Italian XENTA SYSTEM, which brings innovation and the state-of-the art technology to the maritime world together dynamic positioning and manoeuvre control panels, superior performance, reliability, user-friendly XENTA is now in Turkey with BTS Marin

XENTA technology elevates the joy of steering while ensuring total command of your yacht, transforming the relationship between man and boat, and providing constant support to the captain during each maneuver.


The X-DOCK enables you to perform intricate maneuvers with ease and remarkable accuracy.


Combining a sturdy, ergonomic design with a user-friendly control system, the X-POWER offers the ideal balance.


The X-STEER system employs CAN-BUS technology to link the console seamlessly with the engine room.


X-DP provides the perfect method for holding your boat in position without the need to anchor.
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