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CMC Marine - Stabilis Electra

BTS Marin

Stabilis Electra, the first electric fin stabilizer in the world, has been launched in 2008.

Thanks to little space occupation, quiet operation, ease of installation, and low maintenance-repair costs, Stabilis Electra has become the primary choice of serial and boutique yacht manufacturers shortly after it was put on the market.

CMC Marin, where people who are experts in their fields, trained in various disciplines, experienced, curious, research-oriented, and in love with their profession are together, has followed the performance of Stabilis Electra on all yachts since its first assembly (2008) and has aimed becoming permanent and having sustainable success by constantly improving its systems through the data it has constantly accumulated.

For this reason, a company structure has been established that is able to respond to the demands of users, whose R&D budgets have always been kept high, both in terms of usage and after-sales service.

Stabilis Electra is offered to the service of the users by combining it with fins ranging from 0.8 m2 to 5.5 m2 and actuators suitable for these fins for yachts between 24 – 80 meters in length. The systems operate with 230VAC 1ph 50Hz, 208VAC 3 ph 60Hz, 230VAC 3 ph 50Hz, 400 VAC 3 ph 50 Hz, 440 VAC 3ph 60 Hz electricity supply, and are suitable for mounting on GRP, wooden, aluminum, and steel vessels. Stabilis Electra product line consists of two categories.

Long Range (LR)

Available for displacement and semi-displacement vessels. Manufactured in five different sizes as LR 70, LR 90, LR 150, LR 200, and LR 250, the product is used in vessels between 20-60 meters in length. Featuring higher torque power, it is compatible with fins larger than 5 m2.

High Speed (HS)

The optimized version of the Stabilis Electra System for planing vessels that can reach over 24 knots. Available for yachts between 20-50 meters in length. The fin design optimization offers better performance and reduces resistance. What makes all this possible is the very light mechanical and electrical infrastructure.


Available for planing, displacement, and semi-displacement vessels up to 32 meters in length. This will make you happy by increasing the comfort of your yacht noticeably through its compact dimensions, superior performance, quietness, and quick assembly opportunity in case of parts specially built but limited space for the stabilizer due to furniture.

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