BTS Marin; BTS Marin makes calculations to ensure that the model of the requested product meets the expectations in terms of both performance and budget.

Project Management

BTS Marin; After the signature of the contract, BTS Marin carries out the diligent collection of data and follow-up of the manufacturing process, transportation, import, delivery, installation, pre-start, and commissioning processes.

Service and Equipment Installation

BTS Marin, BTS Marin offers and implements solutions with its expert staff in order to install the products you purchase or to realize the service you need in line with your request.

Technical Marine Service and Maintenance

As part of our after-sales services, we, as the authorized service provider for CMC Marine Stabiliser and Thruster, Xenta, SteelHead Marine, and Calistri Giacinto products in Turkey, provide on-site services with guaranteed original spare parts for many boats and yachts, both domestically and internationally. Our reliable and experienced technical team prioritizes customer satisfaction while using the latest technology for the repair and maintenance of products. We will always maintain our commitment to CMC Marine products for a smooth sea journey.