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Space Age

BTS Marin
SpaceAge Synthetics is a leader in the polyurethane products industry reinforced with fiber. With the Thermo-Lite Board® Product Series, our company has gained customer confidence through quality, long-lasting products, quick responsiveness, experience, and industry knowledge.

Thermo-Lite Board

Thermo-Lite Board, which is designed for many marine applications requiring water resistance, lightness, and high durability, provides increased fuel efficiency with lightweight structural material and increased durability in the land transportation sector. This composite material, which offers many advantages over traditional materials, performs strongly in every application area with its durability, lightness, and long life.

Lightweight Composite Product Number one alternative product to plywood and other wood-based products

Guaranteed Waterproof It has high impact resistance and is reliable. It does not harbor mold or fungus.

Product Durability Thermal insulation resistance against soiling

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