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BTS Marin

About Us

Having established in 2014 in Tuzla/Istanbul, which is described as the locomotive region of Turkey in the field of the shipbuilding
industry, BTS Marin has managed to make a name for itself in the industry pretty quickly through its transparent and solution-oriented communication.

Having docked at new ports at the end of the 4th year of the journey that it had started with the aim of providing sales and after-sales support services for fully electric fin stabilizer and thrusters for CMC Marine, one of the world’s leading manufacturers, BTS Marin has received the representation and sales authorization of PropGlide, Fit-Lock, Space Age, and Steelhead Marine as well as the CMC Marine today.

With its determined service areas, namely Turkey and the Eastern Mediterranean, BTS Marin has attracted global brands to its service area and brought the global and the local together.

Having maintained its activities with its growing business volume since 2014, the power behind the success of BTS Marin is has been the principles it observes.


We are aware of the significance of
the business we and our customers
do. For this reason, we offer the most
reliable brands to our customers at
the optimum price and maximum


We are well aware of the sensitivity
of vessels and vessel maintenance. We approach every project we
undertake from various
perspectives and offer the most
suitable method.


We inform our customers about
each process we carry out, and we
listen carefully to their expectations
and requests.


We do not hide behind excuses, as
the seas do not accept excuses. With our expert engineer staff, we
try to offer solutions to all problems
in the light of our knowledge.

Creativity and Innovation

Even though we did not reinvent the
wheel, we know of countless
different ways of doing something. For this reason, we are constantly
aiming for the better and the newer
in the projects and applications we


Tayfun TÜRK

Hello, I am Tayfun Türk,

Even though I felt that the sea would shape my life, which my father tried to tell me when I was younger, before my university life started, I did not predict that it would affect my character this much. After I graduated from the Department of Shipbuilding and Marine Technology Engineering at ITU in 1992, under the teaching of “trying to understand people” which I put at the center of my life, I had conversations with many people, shared feelings with them, set goals together and sometimes we missed and other times we hit the bull’s eye.

I learned a lot of lessons from all these experiences. My professional business life has begun to climb upward since 2011. While the cost of achieving this and overcoming the difficulties was quite heavy, I was dreaming of the pleasure I would have in the following years, which could be achieved by working in harmony with a large, strong, socially conscious, right-minded team that is able to educate oneself, and the pleasure, which could be enjoyed sip by sip this way.

Since the establishment of BTS Marin in 2014, I have seen a lot of vessels and shipyards and met many crews as I get to this day, blending the world-renowned brands and their international experience with my Turkish Culture. We combined our experience with the feedback we acquired from all of our business experiences, and now we are enjoying the discoveries we have made on the roadmap together as a team. As we provide our services, we aim to meet the expectations at a high level and in a quick manner by making use of the opportunities brought by the latest technology as well. We are glad and honored to contribute to maritime activities and create added value in Turkey, which has unique geography and whose success is now recognized all over the world.

On behalf of myself and my team, I would like to thank all the people we have been able to keep company, make contact with, and offer services on this journey.

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