Designed to guarantee the maximum safety these doors are completely custom made.
Available in different materials composed by a structural frame to welded on the hull with integrated safety pins to compress the gasket. All the pins are part of the Calistri’s range of certified type approved pins and cleats.

The opening and closing mechanism is composed by mono arm pantograph hinge with coaxial conical couplings coupled to an electric or hydraulic motor. Everything is interlocked to allow ease of operation and maximum safety.
Every door is tested to higher safety coefficient than those required by class and features also a local bypass to enable emergency opening and locking/unlocking in case of main line / power fault.


Custom Dimensions
Layout and shape included curved and double curved surfaces
Certified materials 3.2
Available as standalone or integrated with third parties equipment
All 316 mirror polish finishing.
Self locking in open and half open position.
Control panel in engraved mirror polished 316L panel with IP65 buttons.
Available with inside/or outside opening