Made with high thickness anodized aluminum profiles in a modular system to allow a quick installation onboard inside trunks it has been conceived to maximize the tray load capacity. It doesn’t require any particular structure or anchoring points as it is self-standing. Many different configurations and options are available:

Multiple in/out up to 3 side over 4.
Multi stage : 2-3-4-5 up to n* stages.
Variable load capacity from 20 to 100kg
Adjustable speed from 10cm/sec to 40cm/sec (*)
Remotable control cabinet
316L food safe grade cabin tray fully customizable with drainage grids, yacht/yard name/logo, roll bars in aisi316.
Structure insulation (*)

Calistri’s dumbwaiter offers a number of premium features that make it the choice of the most important yacht builders:

Food cabin completely in AISI 316L mirror polish or satin finishes
Railing system with reinforced cogged belt
Adjustable pulley and tensioning arm
Multiple safety switches and sensors at deck height and on access hatches. Children safety lock.
Local control panel @ deck opening in polished AISI316 with colored ring led IP65.
Door-like or guillotine opening to integrate with surrounding furniture.